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Finding help to pay for your vet bills

If you are faced with an unexpected vet bill that may run into the thousands, many people are faced with the tough decision of having their pet euthanized when they cannot afford the bills. This isn't an easy decision for many, and often people can't think of alternatives when they are hit with a sudden unexpected vet bill.

If you are faced with a high vet bill without the means to pay it, here are some options.

If your pet was hit by a car, and you know who did it, check and see if their insurance covers vet bills. It can vary, as well as depending on the circumstances, but worth checking into.

Family & Friends
Do some of your family or friends love your pet like it was their own? They might be willing to lend some cash for the vet bills until you can pay them back.

Payment plan
Some vets do offer a payment plan, but they might not advertise this fact. However, there are many things that factor into this. How long have you been taking your pets to the vet? If you have ten year's history with this vet and have always paid, they might work on a schedule for you. However, if you are brand new, this might not be an option.

Credit card
Do you have room on your credit card? Nearly all vet offices take credit cards now.

Vet credit cards
Some vet's offices have their own credit cards now. Do be aware that the interest rate can be high, but it is an alternative.

Yes, some banks do give loans for vet expenses, however, you will still need collateral to give the bank.

Pet rescue agencies
Depending on the circumstances, they might be able to fund part or all of the vet bill.

Shop around
If you have the luxury of time, ask multiple veterinarians for quotes and see what you get back. You might be surprised that a procedure one vet charges $900 for might only be $350 somewhere else.

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