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Budget Tips for Families with Pets
What you need to do before you clean that oven with deadly oven cleaners
We all know the dangers of chocolate, but what about sugar-free additives?
Why you should always double check before buying that case lot of pet food
How to find the perfect vet for your new pet
Quick and easy cage cleaning for your family bird
What to do when the vet bill is more than you can afford
Should you spend the money on microchipping incase your pet gets lost?
Make sure the food you feed your pets is safe
Sure, the pet looks adorable in the window, but should you buy it?
Do you have a finicky cat that only eats wet food? Here are some money saving tips!
How to break this annoying habit in your dog.
Start off right for everyone's sake
Do you have poisonous plants or other hazards in your home?
When a pet goes missing, you need to know how to find it
Why pet ID kits are important and how to make one.
How to ensure your two pets will get along
How to carefully change dog food brands or type without leading to tummy troubles
Teach your children how to safely play and interact with dogs
Before you set out on your vacation, here are some travel tips for your dogs and cats
So what pet related chores can the kids do for your pets?
It's important your kids know not all pets are friendly
What type of birds do best when there are kids in the house
Why buying a pet featured in the hottest kid's movie is a bad idea
A list of cat toys you can make for free or cheap
Choose your kid's favorite Koolaid flavor for this fun play dough recipe
You can save a lot of money by simply trimming your pet's nails yourself
Why smart diet and exercise makes your vet bill lighter each year
Keep your pet cool on hot days
Don't spend all your money on vacuum bags because of one shedding dog.
Make this expensive toy on the cheap for your favorite dog
Make a dog sweater from an old toddler sweater
Why spend $30 or $40 on a dog sweater when you can convert a toddler sweater


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