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How to find a lost cat or dog

If your pet goes missing, it is a horrible feeling. If you suspect your cat has gone missing, here is what you should do.

Is it really missing?
First check and make sure your dog isn't taking a cat nap on your daughter's bed or that the cat isn't cosied up in the laundry basket. Go room by room in the house (turning off anything that makes noise so you can hear a meow or whine). Then check all possible hiding spots in the yard.

Ask neighbors
Make sure your dog isn't at the neighbor's house playing with their dog. Or they might have seen your dog walking down the street, not realizing you weren't close behind.

Could it be stolen?
This is most often a problem with purebreds, especially sought after pets. Does it appear someone snatched your pet from a backyard you know is completely pet proofed? If you believe your pet was stolen, contact the police.

Check the shelters
Check the pet shelters, the pound, the SPCA and any other animal rescue organizations to see if they have your pet.

Visit the shelters
If it has been more than 24-48 hours, visit the shelters personally. The cat you describe as charcoal could be listed as a black cat and a worker didn't realize there was a match. There is also the chance your pet might have been picked up in a completely different area of town than where you live, so you need to check all pets, not just ones picked up in your neighborhood.

Put flyers up in the neighborhood, preferably with a picture and any identifying details. Advertise in the newspaper under the pets lost and found section.

Don't lose hope
Pets have turned up weeks, months, and even years after they go missing. So don't lose hope that your pet will be found.

Pet identification kit
Have a pet identification kit ready incase a pet ever does go missing. This help provide valuable details for others who are helping you look, as well as to send to shelters and clinics so they can be on the lookout. Here is how to create a pet ID kit.

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