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How to find out if your pet food has been recalled

If you are a pet lover, you can probably remember when all the pet food was recalled, not to mention all the pets that were killed, due to pet food contaminated with melamine. But did you realize there are many other pet food recalls that might not be publicized as widely as the melamine related recall, simply because it isn't so widespread.

This means that the smaller specialized dog food you buy might have been recalled, but because it isn't widely used, you might never see it in the news to know to check the product's website for information.

For checking on pet food recalls, your first stop should be the FDA's Pet Food Recalls website. This lists all recalls of all pet foods, including bird, car, dog, ferret, fish and rat foods, since March 2007.

Don't forget that recalls might not be simply for pet food. Treats might also be included, such as pig ear dog treats which have been recalled due to salmonella contamination.

If you buy specialized diet food from your vet, make sure your current contact information is on the site. That way if there is a recall on one of the brands your vet carries, they will be contacted by the company, and they can then contact you to alert you to any recall information.

Don't forget, all recalls are not life-threatening. It could be a recall because of a missing or added ingredient that has no bearing on your pet's health (think of food recalls where traces of peanuts might be in it... the same kind of thing happens in pet food, although most recalls are issued in these cases on the specialized diet pet food.

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