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Saving Money on Wet Cat Food

Cats can be extremely finicky when it comes to eating food, they can be even more brand loyal than humans are! Here are some tips to save more money on wet cat food so your cat gets the food he or she wants while not breaking the bank.

Tins vs. pouches
Have you checked the cost difference between tins versus pouches? The same brand and flavor (ie. both Wiskas roasted chicken, for example) can have a huge price difference... pouches can cost nearly twice as much for the same amount in a tin!

If your cat only likes pouches
If you are reluctant to wean your cat of the pouched version of his or her food, mix it before hand with the same flavor in tin. You can start by mixing 20-25% tinned food with the remaining the pouches. Then you can slowly increase the difference so you are only using as much pouched food each meal time as you can afford.

Mixing up the dry
Your cat might eat more dry if you soak it in hot water first (for 5-10 minutes or until the dry food becomes soft) and then mix it with some wet cat food. The cat that turns his or her nose up at dry food - which is so much cheaper than wet food - will probably eat it once it has been soaked and mixed with wet.

Look for damaged cases
Since most cat food comes in cardboard boxes which can get banged up quite a bit, some stores will mark those cases down and put them with all their discounted merchandise. So be sure to check, because the savings can be significant (50% or more!). And you are usually allowed to open the box to check and make sure the tins or pouches aren't damaged (although it will usually be obvious if any of them opened!)

Won't eat "old" food
If your cats turn their noses up on cat food left in the bowl for an hour or two, you can trick them. Get the dish and make it appear that you are throwing out the old and make the motions of putting new food in (be sure they see the can or pouch!). Then using a spoon give the actual food in the dish a stir so the dried top part is mixed back into the rest of the food, and most pets won't notice a difference.

Watch for sales
If you find a killer sale on your cat food, especially if you can combine it with coupons, stock up!

Buy this and get that coupons
Watch for in-store coupons that offer a case of wet cat food for buying dry, and vice versa. You can often save MORE money than when you buy just one of them individually, and if your cat will not eat dry at all, donate it to an animal shelter or a food bank, where donated cat food is always appreciated.

Contact the company
If you contact the pet food manufacturer and rave about their cat food, they will often send coupons and vouchers for discounts and freebies. You can contact individual companies either through the mail or with the contact information on the package.

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