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How to travel with your pet

There are so many things to keep in mind when you travel with a pet. Here is how to safely travel with your pet to ensure you both get to your destination safely and with the least amount of trouble.

Ensure your pet is wearing an identification collar. Make sure it has a cell number as well as area code. If someone finds your pet while you are traveling throughout the US, but the number on the identification is your home number in Iowa, you will waste needless hours or even days playing catch up between numbers.

A microchip is a surefire way to get your pet back if it ends up at a shelter or a vet's office. And best of all, you can keep it updated with your current information.

Does your pet have a favorite blanket or stuffed animal. Bringing favorite items that are comforting to your pet will go a long way to ease the stress on your pet during traveling.

Travel water bowl
Make sure your pet has access to water. In the car, purchase a travel water bowl. If going by air, you might want to pack ice that can slowly melt, meaning your pet will have water, even if the carrier is tipped and the water gets spilled.

First aid kit
If your pet gets stung or a cut, you want to be able to treat it without having to try and find a vet while on the road.

Car sickness
If it is a long journey by car, take a few shorter car rides to make sure your pet doesn't get car sick. Then you will have time to try and figure out remedies (sometimes as simple as ensuring a dog gets fresh air) before you are stuck on a 3 day car ride with a car sick dog.

Bathroom breaks
Allow your pet plenty of bathroom breaks and chance to exercise a bit at stops. Some pets get anxious if they are confined to a small area for extended periods of time.


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