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Clothesline Art Show Project

Do you have an excess amount of your kid's artwork? It seems your preschooler and elementary aged school kids are coming home with a ton of artwork, not to mention what they are also creating at home. You should create a clothesline art show, which not only allows your children to show off their favorite art work, but allows family members to select a few pieces to take home with them from the show.

Give your kids a few weeks notice - they might want to create a few special pieces to include in the show. Then send out invitations - with a picture on it drawn by your kids of course. Have snacks ready to serve - something simple such as cookies your kids have helped bake, or you can invite everyone over for a BBQ or potluck.

On the day of the show, string up kitchen twine between walls in a large room (if its a playroom, you can secure the twice with small nails or thumbtacks on each well). Then fasten artwork using paper clips or clothespins. If you have plenty of artwork, especially if your kids have made some work that might need a little bit of interpretation, attach a note to each with the title and the artist. That way if your four year old as a crayon drawing of squiggles, yet she titles it Princess Serena, it will give your friends and relatives a bit of a clue what the artwork is!

At the end of the evening, you can invite friends and family to take home a few pieces to decorate their own fridges. But if there are any pieces dear to you that you want to keep, make sure they have a note "Saved for Mom!"

This is a great idea and project so your budding artists can show off their artwork to their friends and relatives.


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