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Playtime for Kids on a Budget

Blowing out Easter eggs is actually easier than you think, here's how
When mere glitter isn't enough bling for your little ones!
A fabulous idea for making your own egg stands!
Don't buy the kits, make your own kit for the fancy glitter Easter eggs
Wonder how to make tie-dye Easter eggs? Here's how!
How to make colored Easter eggs without using food coloring dye
Let your budding artists show off their artwork by hosting an art show
Don't buy one, make one for your kids for next to nothing
Have a glitter lover in the family? Make your own instead of buying it
Tired of all the broken crayons? Make these chunky style crayons instead
Dozens of Easy Bake Oven recipes, including Easy Bake Pizzas!
What you should have in your child's craft cupboard, and do it cheap!
Choose your kid's favorite Koolaid flavor for this fun play dough recipe
A child's painting favorite, with a recipe you can make at home
Make this popular sidewalk chalk at home and save money
Holiday playdough that smells like gingerbread
Great playdough for Thanksgiving & Christmas
A great pottery type bowl that children can make with no baking required!
This fun sand painting makes a great gift from your child
A different kind of chalk made from eggshells
A great recipe for pinata paste for making your next pinata.
A fun way to finger paint!
A great way for your energetic kids to make ice cream
Your kids can shake a bag to make their own sorbet
Recipe for a simple dough to create fantastic beads for kid's jewelry
Make a clay pot with no baking required, then paint for gift giving!
Fun craft activity to create "Stained glass" designs for your window
Fancy play dough fit for a princess to play with!
Easy salt dough recipe for making cookie cutter ornaments
Puffy Paint Mix Recipe
This fun recipe paints normally but dries puffy on the page for unique artwork
Create a Dress-up Trunk
You can create many hours of playtime by creating a fun dress-up trunk
This handy paste recipe can be stored for long periods of time
Don't buy those expensive packs of baby doll diapers ever again.
Your kids will love you for this fast and easy goop recipe.
Fun colored bubbles with the bubble mixture equals great summertime fun
Easy wash-off skin paint for fun birthday parties or even Hallowe'en makeup!
A fun lemon-scented play dough recipe


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