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Baby items you shouldn't buy before the baby is born

You know the feeling, you are glowing with pregnancy and you insist your baby must have everything! But unfortunately, buying everything can break the bank, especially when your baby might be the one that hates some super mom item while it seems like all the others love it.

Here is a list of things you should wait to buy - or even better yet, borrow from other moms for a day to see what your little one thinks of it before you buy!

Baby backpacks / carriers
While you might want to be the trendy Baby Bjorn wearing mom, babies tend to either love these types of carriers or hate them.

Jogger strollers
Will you really use it? Yes, we all have grand plans of jogging with the baby to burn off that pregnancy fat, but in reality, many will never quite do it. Borrow one for a day or two to make sure you really will use it.

Baby DVDs (ie. Baby Einstein)
Rent or borrow one first before you buy - again some babies love it while others despise it.

Bassinet or Cradle
If you are wanting your baby near you but not co-sleeping, a bassinet could be useful. But if the crib is already in your bedroom, do you need a bassinet or cradle taking up precious floor space too?

Diaper Bags
If you are having a shower, wait until then to buy! If you are in the market for one, research and really think about it first. Would you prefer a backpack over a shoulder bag? Do you want it to be trendy black or adorned with teddy bears?

If you need baby bottles, don't go and buy multiples right away. Babies definitely have preferences! Your budget is better off to buy one or two different bottles and see if your baby has a preference. Then stock up as needed!


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