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How to get free samples for your new baby

Babies cost a lot of money, and companies are more than eager to exploit this. So you might as well exploit their eagerness by doing what you can to get the best deals, coupons and freebies for your new baby. Here are some easy things you can do to get coupons for free items or money off!

Sign up online
Are you using Huggies or Pampers? Sign up on their site. Using formula? Sign up on that company's site too. Simply do a quick search for each company to sign up for their "money saving offers" but you will often find they send out samples and freebies too, depending on your location.

Go to baby shows
Many larger cities have baby expos and trade shows. Not only can you get freebies but you can get coupons and offers as well. Many will ask for a mailing address or email address so be prepared with an email address you only use for your freebies... just try and not name it something obvious like babyfreestuff@hotmail.com!

Ask your pediatrician
Physicians are often given samples of baby formula, especially the expensive specialized ones. So if your baby ends up on a hypoallergenic formula, ask for samples at each appointment. Then don't forget to sign up online for that company as well!

Write a letter
Had an awesome experience? Write a letter or email to the company and they will often reward those who rave about their products with freebies. Had a bad experience? Be sure to write as well, but don't forget you catch more flies with honey... so if your goal is freebies, an expletive filled letter probably won't get you the intended results as a calmly worded letter about the situation.

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