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Hiding Your Pregnancy from CoWorkers, Bosses and Family

When you are in the first few months of pregnancy, you may want to be discreet about it and not want to "show" too soon. Maybe you had a miscarriage previously and want to wait until the third or fourth month before your share the news. Or perhaps you are up for a promotion you know you would not get if the boss knew you were pregnant. Or maybe you are in a delicate relationship (or not!) with the father-to-be, and you want to figure that part out before announcing you are expecting.

However, sometimes your tummy might start showing sooner than you'd like! Here are some wardrobe tips that can help keep your pregnancy under wraps until you want it to be known.

Prints. Prints can detract from bumps that solid colors can accentuate. By purchasing some shirts with prints or patterns, you can detract from your bump while people focus on the print itself.

Longer shirts. Longer shirts are in style, and can hide the fact you are wearing maternity skirts or pants.

Skirts. When you wear skirts, especially paired with a sexy pair of sandals or shoes, people focus below your belly to the legs.

Ponchos. Ponchos are so trendy at the moment and the triangle V down the front can cover up a pregnancy bump very well.

Take a trusted friend along while shopping who can be objective about what shows and what doesn't, as well as help you go through your wardrobe of what you already own to help you select pieces that detract rather than enhance your pregnancy.

Of course, these tips won't hide an eight months along pregnancy, so keep that in mind!


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