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Pregnancy Advice & Tips

When you are pregnant, it seems that there is a never ending need for money for baby supplies. But moms need help too, so these are tips just for pregnant moms!

Curious how much it costs to raise a child over his or her lifetime?
Do you know hidden dangers could be lurking?
What furniture do you need for a new baby's nursery?
If you have never heard of hCG, here is what you need to know for pregnancy tests
How Kegel exercises can help during pregnancy and labor too!
What every woman needs to know about domestic violence and pregnant women
Why you should know what the levels mean before you buy a pregnancy test
Why you should never take anything herbal without your physician's permission
What kinds of exercises are best for pregnant women
What you should know if you have never really exercised before
Why you should check with your doctor FIRST
How to deal with and prevent stress while pregnant
Sure, you know about sushi... but what about cake batter?
You've probably heard about it in a baby book, but what exactly is it?
What does folic acid do that is so important?
Is this information outdated or current?
Every pregnant woman has problems sleeping, here are tips to get the sleep you need
Should you be sleeping on a waterbed?
Avoid spending too much money buy buying these specific pieces instead.
Best kept secret on finding new, stylish and brand name maternity clothes
Make your own massage oil, especially for pregnant women
Should you buy maternity clothes or just wear your husband's sweatpants?
How to get money saving coupons and free samples when you have a baby
Is sterilizing baby bottles amnd pacifiers neccessary in this day and age?
Ensure you are sterilizing properly
Do you really need one or should you make do with a crib instead?
Tips and tricks to buy inexpensive baby clothes for your newborn
Use this cream to prevent and reduce stretch marks caused by pregnancy
Save money by not buying these baby items until you know your baby likes them!
If you are up for a promotion use these wardrobe tips to hide it until you want it
While saving money is tempting, here is a list of items you should NEVER buy at a garage sale



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