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Dealing with stress during pregnancy

Every pregnant woman experiences stress of some sort, whether it is financial fears or just how to assemble the crib correctly. These sorts of stress are common during pregnancy.

But some women suffer extreme stress during pregnancy. Certain situations such as domestic violence, workload, worries over being a single mother, and medical worries can cause some pregnant women to endanger themselves and their babies.

Chronic stress during pregnancy is something that should be avoided (this is when you are stressed every day or nearly every day during your pregnancy). Some researchers believe chronic stress is linked to developmental delays, premature birth, and even autism.

You should take care to reduce stress in your life during pregnancy, even as difficult as that may sound.

  • Make lifestyle changes. If certain places cause you stress, you should avoid them.
    Avoid people (whether they be
    friends, coworkers or family members) for the duration of your pregnancy.
  • Keep a journal of your feelings. This is especially helpful if you are unable to pinpoint exactly what is contributing to your stress level.
  • Meditate or take prenatal yoga classes.
  • Visit a massage therapist (check with therapists in your area - some have special tables to accomodate a pregnant belly.)

If you are unable to reduce your stress level, be sure to discuss the situation with your physician. He or she will know to watch for stress-related conditions during your pregnancy.

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