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Stretching Your Pregnancy Wardrobe

When it comes to your pregnancy wardrobe, it can be hard to spend the money on a wardrobe you will use for such a short period of time, especially when you know you also have all the upcoming baby expenses too. But if you are working, you can't easily spend the last four or five months of your pregnancy in sweat pants and a "Baby on Board" maternity shirt your girlfriends gave you as a joke. Here are some tips to stretch your wardrobe.

Avoid prints. People will remember if you wore the same blue floral print shirt three times this week, but won't remember you wore the same solid navy blue shirt three times in a row, especially when you accent it in different ways.

Stick with the same colors. If people are used to seeing you in bright pink, they won't notice that you wear the same shirt as frequently as if you went out on a limb and bought your first lavendar shirt. The color would be so different a choice for you that people would notice it more... and notice every time you wore it.

Accessorize. While belts are out of the question, the same navy blue shirt will looks so different if you accessorize it differently each time - a scarf one day, a chunky necklace the next, and a pin with coordinating earings and shoes the third. Focus on bright colors and patterns, and it will stretch your plainer wardrobe pieces further.

Focus on shoes. The same pants look different depending on the style of shoes you are wearing, so don't always wear the same shoes - or wear your comfy pair to the office, but change to a more stylish pair for the day once you get to your desk.

By following these tips, you can seem to stretch your wardrobe much further and spend far less on maternity clothes than you might otherwise have to, meaning more money for baby stuff!

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