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Homenavarrow Printables

Holiday & Christmas Printable Planner Pages

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If you have any upcoming parties to plan, print out these handy printables to keep track of everything from gifts to invites and RSVPs. 20 printables

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Christmas Dinner Planner

This handy planner helps you figure out all the various dishes you need for Christmas dinner, including specifics such as ingredients and recipes, as well as when each is done and is on the table.

Christmas Dinner Grocery List

Designed to work with the Christmas Dinner Planner, this helps you organize all the ingredients you need to buy for each dish.

Holiday Movie Inventory List

Can you never remember if you have Holiday Inn or It's a Wonderful Life on DVD or not? Use this to keep track of all those special Christmas movies.

Holiday Music Inventory List

Keep track of all those Christmas albums you have accumulated over the years with this inventory list. Also keeps track of whether you have the CD or purchased the MP3.

Holiday Baking Planner

Do you plan on doing a lot of baking this holiday season, as well as some baking for gifts? Keep track of all the baking you need to do with this great printable.

Holiday Outfits Inventory List

Can't remember how many black skirts and sparkly tops you own for the holidays? Use this list so you can remember what you have lurking in the back of your closet to wear over the holidays without having to buy a new outfit.

Online Holiday Shopping List

Planning a lot of online shopping for this holiday season? Use this list to keep track of what you ordered and if/when you've received it.

Gifts to Make List

Plan on making bath salts or mix in a jar presents? Knitting a scarf for someone? Keep track of all those crafty gift projects with this worksheet.

Holiday Ornaments List

Have you had some ornaments passed down that mean a lot to you? Or ones passed down but you have no idea of their significance? Use this worksheet to start recording all those special ornaments and why they are so special to you and your family.

Holiday Potluck Dinner Planner

Keep track of who is brining what dish for those holiday potluck dinners planned over the holidays.

Stocking Stuffer List

If you tend to pick up stocking stuffers throughout the year, use this to keep track of what you buy and who it's for.

Thanksgiving Dinner Planner

Use this planner to organize all the dishes for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Thanksgiving Dinner Grocery List

Works with our Thanksgiving Dinner Planner to keep track of all the groceries you need to buy.

Black Friday Price Tracker

Black Friday Price Tracker

As each Black Friday flyer comes out, go through them and record all the prices for each of the items you need to buy. Then the day before, you can sort through and see which stores have the best prices for each item you need. Use with the Mom's Budget Black Friday Survival Guide!

Black Friday Price Log

Black Friday Price Log

Once you have completed your Price Tracker, use this worksheet to put the best price for each item, as well as the 2nd and 3rd best prices, so you have a backup plan incase something sells out.. this way you won't overpay somewhere else because you couldn't remember who had the 2nd best price. Use with the Mom's Budget Black Friday Survival Guide!

Black Friday Shopping Plan

Black Friday Shopping Plan

Once you know what you need to buy where, use this worksheet for listing all the items you need to get at each store, including the price and section of the store it is in. Also checkboxes for if you got it, it's sold out, or you need to ask where to find it. Use one for each store. Use with the Mom's Budget Black Friday Survival Guide!

Holiday Party Guest List

Holiday Expenses Budget

Set your budget for this holiday season by giving budget amounts for your gift giving to various people, such as family members, co-workers, etc.

Potluck Planner

Gift List Worksheet

Write down each person you need to buy a gift for, including gift ideas and budget. Then as you buy each gift, record the amount actually spent and check the box when the gift is complete for gift giving.

Greeting card list

Greeting Card List

This multi-year tracker includes spaces for names and addresses as well as checkboxes for when you send cards and when you receive them from those people. For 2008-2010.

Holiday Party Guest List

Holiday Party Guest List Tracker

Keep track of guests, RSVPs, numbers, and even a reminder for a thank you being sent to each guest.



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