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Valentine's Day date ideas when you have kids at home

Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to score a babysitter for Valentine's Day, not to mention can afford to pay one for what is one of the highest paying babysitter nights of the year, even when it is on a weekday! Here are some ideas of what you can do for a "date" on Valentine's Day, even if you have to stay at home. So, once the kids are in bed, you can...

Sit before the fire
Do you have a fireplace? Build a fire (or turn it on!), turn the lights down and cosy up with a blanket and chat. You can have a picnic before the fire, share some wine or champagne in special wine glasses you can make, and finish it off with chocolate-dipped strawberries

Get out the iPod
Create a special playlist of all "your" songs, then as you listen to them, remember why each song is so special to the two of you and what it reminds you of.

Watch an old movie
Doesn't have to be a black and white, but do you remember a movie you loved early in your relationship or the movie you went and saw for your first date? Rent it and watch it together.

Make a romantic meal
Do you love a meal but it is usually out of your budget? Scrimp on other meals during the week and splurge on a romantic meal for the two of you, after the kids are in bed. Making an expensive entree is a lot less expensive when you are making it for just the two of you rather than for the two of you plus the three kids too!

A massage is a great thing if both partners are willing to do the other (not to mention what it can lead to!). Do the two of you have a favorite scent? Make your own massage oil in a scent you both love. And did we mention our massage oil is edible? Mmmm...

These are some ideas for how you can spend you Valentine's Day evening, even when you have the kids at home and tucked into bed!




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