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Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow cooker recipes are ideal for those on a budget... when you know you have something ready for supper when you arrive home, you won't be as likely to spend money on those pricey take out dinners, or end up eating out again. Simply pop the ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning, and dinner will be ready to be served when suppertime arrives!

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NEW - View our Low Fat Crock Pot Recipes & our Low Carb Crock Pot Recipes
Also: Low fat slow cooker tips & Crock POT FAQ

Search all 100+ slow cooker recipes:

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A great version for the slow cooker
Wonderful chowder for those chilly nights
This mushroom flavored sauce is awesome with the slow cooker turkey
A flavorful stew recipe from Tuscany
Low fat turkey fajitas for the crock pot
A nice desert made in the slow cooker, your house will smell yummy!
This popular meal has been made for the crock pot
If you love Borscht, here is an easy slow cooker version!
Pesto fans will love this slow cooker recipe
We cut the fat entirely with this 0g fat spaghetti sauce
A family favorite turned low fat with lots of veggies for kids!
A nice chicken slow cooker dish that is simple and tasty
A great turkey dish for the slow cooker for the upcoming holidays
Keep your kids and your diet happy with chicken tacos
An unusual flavor combination with pork tenderloin
A nice sweet & sour Hawaiian flavor using beef instead of the usual chicken
Another great low fat pasta sauce
This still has beef, but a lot of healthy cabbage too!
We have made this traditional Mexican dish with a low fat spin
A nice beef brisket with beer and is low in carbs
Saucy flavor is the perfect way to describe these ribs
Low fat version of the traditionally high calorie dish!
A nice beef brisket with beer and is low in carbs
Chicken tacos made easily in the slow cooker
Lemon chicken with a hint of honey
Cranberry & apples together in these fantastic pork chops served over rice
A fantastic lemon citrus flavor to turkey
A flavorful BBQ taste to classic pot roast
A new twist on ordinary pork tenderloin
For sweet and sour fans in the family
Teriyaki flavored pork roast
Why wait for Christmas for cranberry dishes?
A great Thai dish for the slow cooker
A great appetizer dip for company and parties
A great crab dip for parties
A great side dish made in the crock pot
A turkey dish for any time of year
A spin on everyone's favorite tomato soup
An unusual spiciness to this cranberry flavored dish
A nice Asian inspired roast
A fun roast your kids will love
Island flavor in this unusual coconut chicken
Great with a nice sauce served over rice
Spicy dish served over hot rice.
Perfect when you are craving barbeque but it is too cold for BBQing outside!
Chicken with black beans and rice cooked right in the slow cooker
A sweet chicken dish that is also low fat for slow cooking dieters.
Yes, you can have stroganoff in this easy low carb crock pot recipe
Perfect when you're sick or looking after those who are.
What is better than honey and ribs in the crock pot!
Perfect for when you have the girls over for coffee
Put in the crock pot when your kids head out to play in the snow
Polenta with cornmeal and cheese
Yes, Risotto for the slow cooker!
Curry Rice, perfect to serve with kabobs!
A great side dish you can make in the crock pot
Chinese Style Shrimp in sweet and sour sauce
Another great Thai dish for the slow cooker
A nice cheesy potato dish for your slow cooker
Another great recipe to make Chinese food at home
A great way to cook this casserole dish while you work
Make this bean dish in your slow cooker
Great for mushroom lovers in the family
You can't go wrong with pineapple and chicken
A great Thai dish for your slow cooker
A Chinese take-out favorite, crock pot style
Wonderful cranberry flavors in these pork chops
Chow Mein with beef
Yes, clam chowder can be made in the slow cooker!
If you love carmelized onions, try this super easy recipe for making them
A lower fat version of this popular soup
Not only is this recipe incredibly easy, but it is low carb too
Your kids will go crazy over this recipe for pizza in the crock pot!
Enjoy this one in the slow cooker
Pop this in the slow cooker a few hours before guests arrive
An easy side dish for your next meal
So super easy AND yummy you'll make it all the time
Make this favorite desert right in your slow cooker for desert tonight
Uses fresh basil and whole chicken
Uses fresh basil and whole chicken
Uses fresh basil and whole chicken
This famous Spanish chicken for the slow cooker
Perfect crock pot recipe for St. Patrick's Day.
Another family favorite slow cooker style
A nice easy roast with the flavor of teriyaki
A fun soup to serve with tortilla chips Chili with a much different flavor. Great for a change of pace in chili
This chicken is great with rice
You can even get a healthy version of Mac & Cheese for the slow cooker
A nice soup for the crock pot
Very yummy and easy to make These pork chops are definitely kicked up!
Great for a potluck!
Make corn on the cob easily in your slow cooker An easy dish that is great for days you are home sick. The basic stew that started it all Even baked potatoes can be made in the crock pot
Leaves your house smelling wonderful while it simmers in the slow cooker.
Recommended by MomsBudget! Low Carb crock pot recipe for chicken lovers!
Leaves your house smelling wonderful while it simmers in the slow cooker.
Ribs with a tangy maple taste, perfect for snowy days.
A variation of chili for those on low carb diets or watching their carbs.
Chinese food in the crock pot! This pepper steak goes perfect with fried rice.
Nice Thai dish you can make in your crock pot.
A nice, yet not too spicy, thai chicken recipe.
Turkey Thighs with Cranberry Sauce
Next best thing to a turkey in the oven
October 2005
Turkey Dinner Stuffing
Even stuffing can be made with the crock pot Turkey & Sweet Potatoes
Another turkey dish for sweet potato lovers Cranberry Sauce
Homemade cranberry sauce in the crock pot Pumpkin Pie Pudding
A great alternative to the pumpkin pie with all the great taste Apple Pork Chops
A family favorite... serve with a side of applesauce!
Roasted Red Pepper Chicken
What a kick this gives chicken! Corn Chip Chili
Corn chips and cheese dress up this chili recipe. Kid favorite! Tex Mex Pork Chops
Add a little spice to ordinary pork chops with a spicy Tex Mex flavor. Veggie Mexi Chili
A spicy vegetarian spin on an old classic. Tomato Veggie Soup
A nice hot tomato soup for cold winter days.. especially after playing in the snow! Slow Cooker Lasagna
Yes, you can make crock pot lasagna! This family favorite in a slow cooker variety Spanish Rice
Host a fun fiesta night with this hot dish. Spicy Mexican rice! Pineapple Chicken
A tasty Hawaiian style slow cooker dinner, with plenty of pineapple to go around. Easy Teriyaki Chicken
Only four ingredients to this tasty dish. Perfect for starting when you have only a minute to spare! Sweet & Sour Chicken
Another family favorite, this is one of our most popular recipes on Moms Budget! Wild Rice Side Dish
An easy dish to have on the go while you are busy making the main course


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