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Staying in a hotel with your toddlers

Believe it or not, hotel rooms are ful of hazards for little ones. Here are some things to think of to check and bring along when you have your next hotel stay with your small children.

If your child is sleeping in a hotel crib or play yard, check to make sure everything latches securely and there are no broken parts. Check online (use hotel internet or a wireless enabled phone) to ensure the crib or play yard hasn't been subject to a recall. If your child will be sleeping in an adult sized bed, bring along a guard rail. If your child is small, it is best to travel with your own play yard and bedding sheet.

Electrical outlets
Bring along your own outlet covers and cover all outlets your child could easily (and not so easily!) reach. Just don't forget to remove them when you leave, or you will be buying more on the road.

Drawer & cupboard safety closures
If your child loves getting into drawers, bring along some of the safety closures so you can keep prying fingers out of them.

If your child is active in the tub, you might want to bring your own faucet cover. Don't forget to pack your own tear-free shampoo, as hotel shampoo that is supplied will definitely be one that induces tears should it get too close to your child's eyes.

Door lock
Make sure you engage the safety latches. Since more doors can be unlocked from the inside when the handle is turned (not to mention locking out anyone who ends up on the outside), you want to make sure you do the safety chain or additional lock that is usually out of a child's reach.

Some hotels may have long cords from the curtains that your child could reach. Be sure to tie up any so that your child cannot reach.

Is your child one that is fascinated with the toilet? Don't forget to bring along your toilet safety latch so your toddler won't decide to play (or worse) in the toilet.


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