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Travel Journal Ideas for Kids

A travel journal can be a wonderful idea for kids. Not only does it make something memorable to look back on in the years to come, it is also great for quiet time with the kids when you don't want them running around and using up energy! Here are some ideas for creating a travel journal for your kids.

For younger kids
For younger kids who cannot write yet, have them draw a picture each day and then you can write a few sentences about the day that they dictate to you. So they might draw a picture of Mickey Mouse and they might ask you to write something along the lines of "Today was our first day at Disneyland and I got to meet Mickey Mouse at his house."

Journal prompts
Some kids need some encouragement with their writing if they aren't a writer at heart. For this, you can make up easy journal prompts so they don't have to think about what to write about or get overwhelmed with the process. For example:

  • Today, the thing that surprised me the most was...
  • The best food I have had so far on our trip was...
  • The weather on our trip has been...
  • I got the most tired doing...

Scrapbook style
Some creative kids might want to do a scrapbook style. So bring tape or glue so they can glue in things like amusement park stubs and maps, a menu from a restaurant, a postcard from each hotel, etc.

For journalists
If you have a child that loves to write and who you could see easily writing pages each day, it could be worthwhile to purchase a fancy journal rather than just using a notebook. A writer will treasure and love to write in a fancy journal.

This is also great to bring into restaurants, so your kids can be occupied with doing their journals while waiting for dinner to arrive!


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