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Making a duvet cover for your comforter

It can be amazing to see how expensive duvet covers are, while sheets can be bought relatively inexpensively. But you can easily make your own duvet cover for your bed without spending an arm and a leg.

First, select buy two top sheets from any store that sells bedding. You can choose two coordinating sheets, so you can reverse it for two different looks. Or you may want pattern on one side and solid color on the other. Be sure to pre-wash your sheets first.

Next, stop at a fabric store. In their zipper section, they carry bedding zippers in many sizes, including Queen and King. Choose a zipper the right size and coordinate the color of possible. However, you may only be able to find them in one or two colors. If you can't match, don't worry, you won't see too much of the zipper anyway.

With a tape measure, measure the size of your comforter or duvet. You will want to add one inch to the measurement, then cut the two sheets at that size. Then, with right sides of the sheets facing each other, pin the zipper in place along the bottom edge and sew one side of the zipper on one side of the sheet, with the other side on the other. Many find it easiest to sew it with the zipper zipped up.

Next, pin the sides and sew 1/2" from the edges on the top and both sides, and sew the remaining sides.

Then, remove the pins and you are done!

This is a great way to not only save money on your bedding, but there is often a much larger selection of prints and patterns for sheets than there is with duvet covers. Not to mention the fact that the nice duvet covers always sell so fast! If you have an eye for colors and coordinates, you could even sell duvet covers you make to others!

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